Shaun Wright Joins Corridor Capital to Spearhead Business Development Efforts

March 18, 2013 | General News

Corridor Capital is pleased to announce the addition of Shaun Wright as Director of Business Development. Shaun will be responsible for originating new investment opportunities for Corridor and helping manage the firm’s intermediary relationships.

Shaun has a proven track record of success driving deal flow in the lower-middle market having sourced 14 investments which closed during his five-year tenure with Platinum Equity, a $3.5 billion private equity group based in Los Angeles. He was responsible for researching, evaluating and sourcing investment opportunities, as well as maintaining intermediary relationships.

Corridor differentiates itself from other lower-middle market private equity groups by providing management teams with access to a full arsenal of financial, operational and strategic resources. The active support that Corridor provides its management teams enables them to focus on growth and innovation – areas that can get overlooked when operational initiatives develop.

Corridor CEO Craig Enenstein shared, “Shaun has a keen eye for the type of investments in which Corridor excels. We are excited to have Shaun join the Corridor team. He is well regarded in the private equity industry for his ability to work constructively with company owners, investment bankers and other deal flow sources.”

Shaun believes there is considerable opportunity for Corridor given its focus on niche manufacturing and business services companies generating $2-5 million of EBITDA, “Corridor has a strong reputation in the lower-middle market for working through more complicated situations and for collaborating with management teams and entrepreneurs to unlock value. I am excited to help drive the firm’s origination efforts as I believe there is considerable opportunity within our focus area.”

For further elaboration or to discuss an investment idea, Shaun can be reached at (310) 442-7004 or by email at